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Grady Editorial provides indexes in many formats including back-of-the-book indexes, embedded indexes, journal indexes, and database indexing. Below are selected projects by subject. Click on link to see index on Amazon.


Bag the Elephant (Workman)
Beat Sales Burnout (Adams Media)
Completed USDA Graduate School Basic Indexing Course
Get Hired Fast (Adams Media)
Kellogg on Advertising and Media (Wiley)
Managing Difficult People (Adams Media)
Mass Career Customization (Harvard)
Outfoxing the Small Business Owner (Adams Media)
Power of Unreasonable People (Harvard)
Real Estate Flipping (Adams Media)
Surviving Financial Downsizing (Adams Media)
Total Quality Management (Pre-Press)


Business Web Design Solutions (Apress)
Computer Confluence (Pre-Press)
Computers in a Changing Society (Pre-Press)
Essential Guide to CSS (Apress)
Expert Systems (Pre-Press)
Human Aspects of Software Engineering (Charles River)
Introduction to Computer Graphics (Charles River)
Moving from Windows to Linux (Charles River)
Practical DWR Web 2.0 Projects (Apress)
Practical JRuby Rails (Apress)
Pro JavaScript Design Patterns (Apress)
Windows Home Server User’s Guide (Apress)
Real-World Network Troubleshooting Manual (Charles River)


200 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes (Fair Winds Press)
500 3-Ingredient Recipes (Fair Winds Press)
500 More Low-Carb Recipes (Fair Winds Press)
The Complete Book of Vegetarian Grilling (Fair Winds Press)
Extreme Lo-Carb Meals on the Go (Adams Media)
I Don’t Know How to Cook Book (Adams)
Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook (Fair Winds Press)
Lo-Carb Bartender (Adams)
Low-Carb Barbecue Book (Fair Winds Press)
Mom’s Updated Recipe Box (Adams Media)
My New Mediterranean Cookbook (Arcade)
Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (Fair Winds)
Simply Smoothies (Adams Media)

General Trade

13 (Avalon)
90 Minute Baby Sleep Program (Workman)
101 Things You Didn’t Know about the Mafia (Adams Media)
Adams College Admissions Essay Handbook (Adams Media)
Green Fire (Avalon)
My Ex Is Driving Me Crazy (Adams)
Pregnancy Sucks for Men (Adams)
Zen and the Art of Quilting (Adams)


Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Health (Fair Winds)
Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified (Avalon)
Contemporary Issues: Cancer (Greenhaven)
Cosmetic Breast Surgery (Avalon)
Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery (Avalon)
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Lucent)
Four Corners Diet (Avalon)
Handbook of Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders (Wiley)
Infertility (Greenhaven)
Sickle Cell Disease (Greenhaven)
Teen Suicide (Greenhaven)
Think Like a Pancreas (Avalon)
What to Do When the Doctor Says It’s Diabetes (Fair Winds)
Women’s Health (Kendall/Hunt)

History/Politics/Social Sciences

BAM! Boys Advocacy and Mentoring (Taylor & Francis)
Colonial America (Greenhaven)
Elephant, Tiger, and the Cell Phone (Arcade)
Global Resources (Greenhaven)
Handbook of Social Work (Wiley)
Hugo L. Black (Pearson)
Imperial America (Avalon)
Iran in the 21st Century (Routledge)
Iraq (Greenhaven)
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Greenhaven)
Murdered by Capitalism (Avalon)
Pioneers in Human Rights (Greenhaven)
Private Military and Security Companies (Routledge)
Rise and Fall of the Taliban (Greenhaven)
Rogue Nations (Greenhaven)
The Peace Movement (Greenhaven)
United Arab Emirates (Lucent)
Virtue, Valor, and Vanity (Arcade)
Visual Literacy (Taylor & Francis)
Weapons of War: Iraq War (Lucent)


Elements of Literature (Holt)


Coasting in the Countertransference (Taylor & Francis)
Logics of Critical Explanation in Social and Political Theory (Routledge)
Showing and Doing (Paradigm)


Comparative-Integrative Psychoanalysis (Taylor & Francis)
Handbook for Self-Help Therapies (Taylor & Francis)
Opposable Mind (Harvard)


Steps on the Path to Enlightenment (Wisdom)
Witchcraft Myths in American Culture (Taylor & Francis)


Best Backpacking in New England (AMC Books)
Best Day Hikes: Connecticut (AMC Books)
Vermont: An Explorer’s Guide (Countryman)
Berkshire Hills and Pioneer Valley: An Explorer’s Guide (Countryman)
Rhode Island: An Explorer’s Guide (Countryman)